How to unpin a group of Tiles or Folders from Windows 10 Start Menu

How to Unpin a group of Tiles for Windows 10 Start Menu

Pinning multiple tiles in Windows 10 is super easy, and the same can be said for unpinning one by one. However, what if you are the type of person with multiple tiles you would rather get rid of in one go? This is very important because the manual removal of one tile after the other is very tiring, and as such, removing a group of tiles at one time is a much better way to get things done. Some may say that it is not possible at all and that we say you are wrong.

The current Windows 10 Start Menu, as we speak, comes with many mosaics pinned by default. The most important are Mail, Microsoft Edge, Xbox, Maps, Calculator, etc. It's quite simple and lacks clutter, but by the time the user starts to take advantage of it, it will be a cluttered mess, of course.

It is likely that you have grouped some of your tiles and now you want them to disappear. Now, as they have already been grouped together, there is no reason to delete them one after the other. Just delete the group or folder and the tiles will follow.

Ungroup a group of tiles or folders from the Windows 10 Start menu

The task at hand is very easy. Therefore, we do not expect you to have big problems to get things done quickly.

1) How to unpin a group of tiles

First of all, the user must click on the Windows key on the keyboard or the button on the lower left of your screen. This should open the Start menu with all the thumbnails, groups and folders at hand.

Locate the group name and right-click on it, then click the option that says Delete group from the beginning. This will remove all apps from the group, regardless of the number – so make sure it's what you want to do before you go ahead.

2) How to unpin a group of folders

Again, press the Windows key on the keyboard or click the Windows button in the lower left corner of your screen. Once the Start menu is up and running, it's time to right-click on the folder name and then select Delete Start Folder.

This will get rid of all applications in the folder with the folder itself.

Now, make sure the folder does not contain any important applications, because you will need to add them again, or right away if you wish.

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