5 Best Paid Android Apps for Free Right Now

5 Best Paid Android Apps for Free Right Now
From time to time, we bring you paid Android apps for free from the Google Play Store. This week on the Play Store, there are not many paid apps available for free. In fact, there are only 5 paid apps available for free. Of these, two are paid icon packs and one animated wallpapers. If you want to customize your phone for free, here are the 5 best free customization apps for Android.

1. Volleyball Rotations – Free Android Application

Considering how popular volleyball is as a professional sport around the world, it is a very niche application. But if you love professional volleyball, this application is designed to help you learn the different volleyball formations and transitions involved in each rotation. The application covers both offensive and defensive formations and can also be very useful for coaches. You can easily make sure everyone on the field is at the right position in a given training.

$ 0.99 – Free for 3 days

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2. Cosmic Browser – Free Pay Android Browser Application

Cosmic Browser: Paid Android application

Cosmic Browser is a lightweight browser better suited for people with a budget phone. The download size is only 2.8 MB and some features that Chrome does not have yet. The most important of these is an integrated adblocker. In addition, Cosmic Browser also protects you against the tracking and insecurity of websites. It also allows some options for customizing the user interface, such as placing the address bar at the bottom. There are also motion controls, add-ons and screen capture functionality in addition to the usual browser features, such as multiple tabs and bookmarks.

$ 1.99 – Free for 7 days

3. Mandala – Free Paid Icon Pack

Mandala paid icon pack free

Mandala is a circular icon pack containing over 3400 different application icons and it is expected that it will get even more. The application has been updated for the last time this month. The icons play with light and shadows a little more than most modern icon packs tend to do. A lighter back plate on which rests the actual icon, usually darker than the back plate. The icons also have different textures. The Mandala icon pack also supports dynamic calendars.

$ 1.49 – Free for 6 days

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4. Limitless – Free Paid Icon Pack

Limitless is my favorite personal lot on sale right now. The icon pack contains 9747 HD + icons, most of which are different icons for the same application. It is well intentional. The icon pack contains each application icon in four different color shades: Blue, Purple, red, Pink, and green. This means that you can assign your icons to the color of your wallpaper. The application also supports the search for icons.

$ 0.99 – Free for 1 day

5. Real Space 3D Pro lwp – Free Live Animated Screen Background

Real Space 3D Pro is a very old dynamic wallpaper application that was last updated 5 years ago in 2014. It still enjoys some rave reviews from users on this date, in 2020. When the developer tells them that wallpapers on Google Play for your phone or tablet! He does not joke. There are a total of 17 planets, 3 moons and 10 different camera views to choose from. So you can mix and match all day. Apart from that, you can also enable or disable the asteroid belt and the SpaceStation.

A double-tap gesture is activated by default. This allows you to double-tap on the bottom of the screen to quickly access the setup menu.

$ 0.99 – Free for 1 day

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