7 Best Lawyer Shows on Netflix You Must Watch

7 Best Lawyer Shows on Netflix You Must Watch
Audience dramas can be a captivating narrative of facts, lies and deceptions that are all blended into one. A legal and procedural drama can be both stimulating and stimulating. A good series will let you guess until the end and leave you speechless when the final scene unfolds. Here are some of the best Law Shows on Netflix that you can watch in a frenzy this weekend. Take some beer.

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Let's start.

1. Call Saul better

If you have not watched Breaking Bad (how could you), you must watch it first. The character of Saul Goodman was introduced in the series that gave a villain for ages. He is a witty and ladylike advocate with a sense of strange humor.

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A prequel to the Breaking Bad series, Saul Goodman primarily represents the bad guys and helps them navigate the delicate lines of law and order.

2. Daredevil

Daredevil takes a darker tone than Marvel movies and even other Marvel Netflix series. Matt Murdock is a blind lawyer by day and an activist with strong senses at night. Most cases are solved by hand, in the dark alleys of Hell's Kitchen, because superheroes!

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The action sequences are something you will enjoy for a long time. They do not do that anymore. It's a difficult story with complicated characters leading to other crossovers between Marvel, like Luke Cage and The Defenders. This is how Netflix says we have our own team of superheroes.

3. How to get rid of a murder

How to get away with a murder sees Viola Davis and her students find themselves involved in a mystery murder. In fact, many people are dying and you will soon realize that it is a Game of Thrones for the modern world. Each season, important characters die unexpectedly and in unexpected situations

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The entire series revolves around a defense lawyer and her students trying to escape with … a murder. They become the suspects. Needless to say, the show and its cast have been nominated for several awards, including Oscar and Tonys.

4. The people against O.J. Simpson

O.J. The lawsuit for murder of Simpsons is considered by many like the lawsuit of the century. The trial itself was widely covered by the media and was evoked by the population at all levels. A car chase and a lawsuit so public and so mediatized.

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The people against OJ Simpson shows us what happened behind the scenes, anger in a race-divided society, people who have their own agenda and excellent performances of actors on the big screen like John Travolta and Cuba Gooding Jr. in legal docudramas.

5. Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods is about the procedures of the police and law and order. The action is realistic and the acting is excellent. The story revolves around the Reagans, a family with generations of cops who love what they do and who are extremely talented.

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No, it is not nepotism but the talent and love for what they do that motivates them to join the service. Blue Bloods is a crime drama with all the ingredients of a crime drama. Tom Selleck is brilliant and sweet as always. No wonder, he has an excellent IMDb rating.


NCIS is a government agency responsible for resolving crimes committed in naval and marine forces. Not something you meet everyday. With 15 seasons, I think the showrunners did not know where to stop. Nevertheless, NCIS creates a dramatic drama series on law and order that remains popular even today. Especially abroad in France and Australia.

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Part of this success can be attributed to JAG, another popular law show whose NCIS is a spin-off. It means deferral, but you still have to deliver the goods, and NCIS does. NCIS is slower at the beginning and speeds up to seasons 3 and 4, so be prepared.

7. Scandal

The scandal is vaguely based on the life of Judy Smith, a real Washington D.C. fixator who frequently represented high-level politicians and athletes like Monica Lewinsky and Kobe Bryant. The show revolves around Olivia Pope and her job is to help these prominent figures when they are involved in a scandal. Sound familiar?

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In one way or another, these larger – than – life images are always in the midst of a storm. We all have our secrets, is not it? Given the nature and theme of the show, it is surprising to see how the directors were able to include fun scenes and get away with it. The scandal shows how much the government favors the rich and uses it to protect its own goals rather than work for the greater good. Add it to your watchlist now.

I solemnly swear that I am not good

The series of lawyers and the audience dramas can be slow, but daring and suspenseful at the same time. It all depends on the theme and how it was done. Several good shows were not on the list because they are not currently available on Netflix. For now, enjoy those who are.

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